Creative collective with branding, art direction, photography, video and production experience. Specialising in the beauty / fashion & corporate sector, united by a passion for quality and aesthetics.

– mind the time

Sinesia is a new beauty care brand of products and treatment for the neck, skin, face and hair. Their philosophy is while taking care of your hair and skin you take also care of your time as well as the nature and environment surrounding us.

We had the pleasure of working on the concept development and creative direction. We also developed the logo and design of the packaging of several product lines. Our team took charge of the illustration and design work, ensuring that the packaging was not only visually stunning but also clear and practical for consumers.

For the launch we collaborated on the production of the campaign shooting, providing art direction and production tasks on set to ensure that the brand was presented in the best possible light, truly highlighting its exceptional features. The result was a beautifully designed product line that perfectly encapsulated the brand’s values and personality, while also delivering a memorable and impactful consumer experience.

what we did

concept development / creative direction / art direction / logo design / packaging / illustration / photo / video / digital content / retouch / event material

logo design

creative direction / packaging / illustration

video shorts

print and digital campaigns / photography



On this project we thoroughly enjoyed working with Sinesia, delivering captivating packaging designs and visually stunning visuals for their hair care and cosmetic products that received outstanding feedback.